Andrew Shanks's Hegel versus 'Inter-Faith Dialogue': A General Theory of PDF

By Andrew Shanks

ISBN-10: 1316310620

ISBN-13: 9781316310625

The time period 'inter-faith' is a up to date innovation in English that has won major traction within the dialogue of spiritual variety. This quantity argues that the idea that of faiths within the plural is deeply tricky for Christian theology and proposes a Hegelian substitute to the normal bureaucratic suggestion of inter-faith discussion. Hegel pioneered the systematic examine of comparative faith. according to Hegelian precept, Andrew Shanks identifies religion as an inflection of the need in the direction of excellent truth-as-openness. when it comes to different spiritual traditions, this needs to contain the perform of a greatest xenophilia, or love for the surprising, understood as a middle Christian advantage. Shanks's neo-Hegelian concept recognises the possibility of God's paintings in all non secular traditions, that may be visible as divine experiments with human nature. This well timed ebook discusses quite a lot of interreligious encounters and should be a necessary source for reports in comparative theology and philosophy of faith.

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Hegel versus 'Inter-Faith Dialogue': A General Theory of by Andrew Shanks PDF

The time period 'inter-faith' is a contemporary innovation in English that has received major traction within the dialogue of non secular range. This quantity argues that the concept that of faiths within the plural is deeply frustrating for Christian theology and proposes a Hegelian substitute to the normal bureaucratic idea of inter-faith discussion.

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Paradoxically, it was just this fierce hatred of ‘the world’ that made possible the early church’s extraordinary success in worldly terms: as it appealed to all those, in that oppressive world, who were most alienated. So too the great affirmation in 1 John 4: 8, 16 that ‘God is love’ is immediately linked to the Church-introspective exhortation, ‘Let us love one another’ – surrounded by some, it seems, rather unloving rhetoric about the menace of ‘the world’, treacherous ‘antichrists’ and ‘children of the devil’.

It no longer has any of the pre-Christian resonance that it had to the evangelist’s first readers, and so it can no longer, in actual practice, do anything like the job that the evangelist has assigned to it. The paraphrase here is therefore an attempt, so far as possible, to recapture the original truth of the passage, by other means. 28 Hegel versus ‘Inter-Faith Dialogue’ A strictly literal rendition of verse 1 would be: In [the] beginning was the logos, and the logos was with the God, and divinity was the logos.

One does not scorn a Sultan! But somehow he needs to deflect the discussion, diplomatically, so as to open up the very different sort of questioning with which he himself approaches religion. And to this end – after pondering a moment – he embarks upon a story. ‘Once in the east there lived a man who owned a ring of unimaginable worth. ’ So the story begins. 9 The ring had been handed down many generations – always from father to favourite son, regardless of priority of birth – until at length it came into the possession of 42 Hegel versus ‘Inter-Faith Dialogue’ the man now in question.

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