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131. g. g. from the injection mode for emergency core cooling to the recirculation mode); — The decay of xenon and other neutron absorbers in the long term core analysis. 132. Areas of uncertainty should be dealt with by making conservative assumptions in the analysis or by adding a margin for uncertainty to the input parameters used. These uncertainties include both random and systematic components to cover statistical and physical uncertainties. Systematic uncertainties should be added as a bias in the analysis; random uncertainties may be combined statistically.

83. The expected radiation heating of the structures should be calculated and proper cooling should be provided. There should be adequate safety margins for the thermal stresses generated in operational states and in design basis accidents. The chemical effects of the coolant and the moderator on the structures should be considered. 84. Provisions for the necessary inspection of the core components and associated structures should be included in the design. 85. e. the wall of the reactor vessel).

In PHWR reactors, the moderator is physically separated from the coolant by a calandria tube and a pressure tube. The moderator may at times contain small amounts of a soluble neutron absorber for the compensation of reactivity during operation or larger amounts to ensure subcriticality (usually during the initial approach to equilibrium fuelling conditions). g. an in-core break). g. due to chemistry transients) and to ensure that its controlled removal is slow. 34. The long term control of pH and oxidation potential is necessary to ensure the long term holddown of reactivity by the second shutdown system in some PHWRs.

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