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By Aristide H. Esser, Barrie B. Greenbie (auth.), Aristide H. Esser, Barrie B. Greenbie (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461328535

ISBN-13: 9781461328537

ISBN-10: 1461328551

ISBN-13: 9781461328551

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Around 1) community as a geographical locale, 2) community formed through the integrative behavior of primary and secondary groups and 3) community as the source of a psychological sense of wholeness and attachment for an individual (7, 12, 17). Dentler thus defined community as "a place within which one finds all or most of the economic, political, religious and familial institutions around which people group to cooperate, compete or conflict" (9, p. 16). Many similar definitions include each of the three themes; however, another way of viewing community is through a word which shares its common root--communion.

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Design for Communality and Privacy by Aristide H. Esser, Barrie B. Greenbie (auth.), Aristide H. Esser, Barrie B. Greenbie (eds.)

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