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The 1st of 2 volumes (volume 2, subtitled The versatile brain, has no longer but been noticeable through SciTech publication information) comprehensively treating complex assembler programming strategies for the IBM computer and compatibles, in general with regards to the 8088 processor.

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Bei der Entwicklung von Computerprogrammen haben sich inzwischen sowohl im Ausbildungsbereich als auch in der Industrie objektorientierte Programmiersprachen durchgesetzt, insbesondere die Programmiersprache Java. Dieses Lehrbuch vermittelt ausführlich und anhand vieler Beispiele alle wichtigen Konzepte der objektorientierten Programmierung mit Java.

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For example, 'BORLAND' 'You''ll see' '''' '' ' ' { { { { { BORLAND } You'll see } ' } null string } a space } A control string is a sequence of one or more control characters, each of which consists of the # symbol followed by an unsigned integer constant from 0 to 255 (decimal or hexadecimal) and denotes the corresponding ASCII character. The control string #89#111#117 is equivalent to the quoted string 4-4 Object Pascal Language Guide Comments and compiler directives 'You' You can combine quoted strings with control strings to form larger character strings.

The value of x/y is of type Extended, regardless of the types of x and y. For other arithmetic operators, the result is of type Extended whenever at least one operand is a real; otherwise, the result is of type Int64 when at least one operand is of type Int64; otherwise, the result is of type Integer. If an operand’s type is a subrange of an integer type, it is treated as if it were of the integer type. • The value of x div y is the value of x/y rounded in the direction of zero to the nearest integer.

B, where A is the smallest ordinal value in the result set and B is the largest. The following rules apply to <=, >=, =, <>, and in. • X <= Y is True just in case every member of X is a member of Y; Z >= W is equivalent to W <= Z. U = V is True just in case U and V contain exactly the same members; otherwise, U <> V is True. • For an ordinal O and a set S, O in S is True just in case O is a member of S. 4-10 Object Pascal Language Guide Expressions Relational operators Relational operators are used to compare two operands.

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