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Get within the most sensible form of your working occupation with the scientifically established education in Daniels' operating formulation!

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Of particular importance is an increase in the number, size, and distribution of the mitochondria, the sites of aerobic metabolism within the muscle fibers. Another cellular adjustment is an increase in oxidative enzyme activity, which improves the rate at which the delivered oxygen can be processed. A third peripheral adjustment is greater perfusion of the exercising muscles with blood vessels—more capillaries become active and distribute blood to the muscle cells (an increased number of vessels distributing blood means a greater cross-sectional area of vessels, indicating enhanced flow; thus, more oxygen can flow to more parts of the muscle).

You can see that the typical elite male runner has a higher · VO2max and is slightly more economical than the typical elite female runner (at comparable absolute running speeds). When running at the same absolute speeds, · women are working at a higher intensity, relative to their VO2max, than their male counterparts are. When running at the same relative intensities (at the same percent · of their VO2max), however, elite males and elite females don’t significantly differ in economy. Still, the difference in aerobic profiles suggests that the men should outrace the women by about 14 percent, which is just a little greater than the typical percent difference turned in by these elite distance runners.

The benefits of slow, easy running are so important that I set aside an entire phase of training just for them (see chapter 4). At this point I would like to discuss components that benefit from more demanding (quality) types of training, which you’ll also need to develop to improve your running performance. Increasing Lactate Threshold Runners must be able to work increasingly close to their maximum oxygen consumption without suffering from high accumulations of lactic acid in the blood. Bloodlactate accumulation is a function of how much lactic acid is being produced by the exercising muscles and the rate at which it’s being cleared by the muscles, heart, and liver.

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