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Reformatted in a enjoyable and clean package deal, this favourite Q&A identify for the ten+ crowd will inform readers every little thing they ever desired to learn about the prehistoric beasts that used to rule the realm. In Dangerous Dinosaurs Q&A, questions — similar to which dinosaur had the most important mind, may perhaps Tyrannosaurus Rex scent his prey, and the way did dinosaurs kill — are all addressed in a full of life and easy-to-understand demeanour. From dinosaurs that can see at nighttime to pterosaurs that darkened the skies, enquiring minds will love coming nose to nose with the most important, greediest, brainiest, and scariest animals that ever lived. it truly is an eye-popping travel of the prehistoric international you will not are looking to miss!

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A Confuciusornis was the first known Hooked point at end of bill bird to have a horny toothless beak, like modern birds, although it still had dinosaurlike claws on its wing feathers. It appeared in Cretaceous China about 120 million years ago. Experts believe it had a different flying technique from that of birds today. Its large toes suggest that it could probably walk and climb, too. Dodo Claws attached to wings Tiny, flightless wings Confuciusornis Q Why have so many bird species died out? A There are fewer than 10,000 Warm feathers covering body Q Which dinosaur looks like a bird?

Te t h AS H RT CA O ERI N M A Q Did some dinosaurs migrate? A Some people think that herds EUROPE IA y s AFRICA INDIA a S e of Pachyrhinosaurus used to trek about 2,200 miles (3,500 km) from northern Alaska to Canada each autumn to escape the cold, dark winters. The herds would have returned to Alaska to feed on the lush plants that grew there in the spring. AU S world’s landmass was splitting into continents, which looked closer to those that we recognize today. New groups of dinosaurs arose in different places.

Seismosaurus and Paralititan were both giants among sauropods, but Argentinosaurus may have been the biggest. 5 m) and its weight at 80–100 tons. It is still possible that an even bigger sauropod may be discovered. Big lungs Shoulder joint Q What does quadrupedal mean? A A quadrupedal animal, such as Saltasaurus, is one that walks on all four legs. All sauropods, and most other plant-eating dinosaurs, were quadrupedal. This was probably because the plant-eaters had large stomachs that tended to pitch their bodies forward onto the front legs, making walking on only the back legs impossible.

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