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The diver’s flag fluttered from the masthead, and all was secure. The sea was quiet, not even a whitecap showing. Jan was waiting for him at the open section of rail above the swimming ladder. She said softly, “Thanks for bringing us, Rick. And I know why you’re sending Barby and me up to the safety position when you don’t really need a safety man. ” Rick grinned at her. ” Jan winked and stepped into the water. Rick joined her and they finned to the buoy. Dive Two had begun! CHAPTER X On the Wreck Scotty led the way down the buoy line, and by previous understanding with Rick, stopped at the 20-foot marker.

At 20 feet he had to clear his ears and snort into his face mask to equalize pressure. After that, adjustment was nearly automatic. He kept swallowing as the pressure increased, to allow his Eustachian tube to open and admit air under higher pressure. As always, he felt the wonderful sense of lightness and freedom he experienced when diving. With his buoyancy balanced by his tanks and weight belt, he was as nearly weightless as he could ever be without making a space flight. At 50 feet they reached Barby.

The girl’s blue eyes opened wide and her face registered shock. ” Again, her voice was high and thin. Jan, who had been staring in amazement, began to laugh, too. “Exhale, Barb,” she urged. “Get rid of the lungful from the tank. ” Barby blew out violently, then tried her voice gingerly. It was back to normal. She glared at her brother. “You might have warned me. No, I guess you mightn’t. ” Then Barby began to laugh, too. Human vocal cords function under normal gas pressure of 20 percent oxygen and 80 percent nitrogen.

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