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Руководство по применению приложений VBA в среде CorelDraw X3. Официальное учебное издание Корпорации COREL©. visible easy For software (VBA) в CorelDRAW используется во всем мире как платформа для разработки мощных корпоративных графических решений, а также для расширения и оптимизации технологического процесса дизайнера в среде CorelDRAW.

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3 Select a macro in the Command list. 4 Click the Appearance tab. 5 Type the caption in the Caption box. To associate with a caption an accelerator key that can be activated in combination with the Alt key, type an ampersand (&) in front of the character in the caption that you want to set as the accelerator. This accelerator key applies only to menu commands, which display accelerator characters with an underscore ( _ ). Chapter 4: Creating user-interfaces for macros 47 To set a tooltip for a macro 1 Click Workspace ` Customization ` Commands.

Chapter 4: Creating user-interfaces for macros 48 Capturing mouse clicks To get from the user the position of a single mouse click, use the GetUserClick member function of the Document object. This function pauses the macro for a specified period of time, or until the user clicks somewhere in the document or presses Escape. GetUserClick(x, y, shift, 10, True, cdrCursorPick) The following parameters for the GetUserClick function are coded into this example: • In the variables x and y, the position of the mouse click is returned.

See “Working with layers” on page 68 for more information. Finally, Layer objects contain Shapes collections of all their Shape objects. See “Working with shapes” on page 71 for more information. pdf at Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3\Programs\ (which typically installs to the Windows Program Files folder). pdf (which typically installs to the Windows Program Files folder). Working with documents Whenever a CorelDRAW file is opened, a new Document object is created in the Application object for that document.

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