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By Hai Lua

Name: shopper experiences journal, November, 2010

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De Parville H., Henri De Parville's L'électricité et ses applications : exposition de Paris PDF

L'électricité et ses purposes : exposition de Paris (2e éd. , revue et augmentée d'une desk alphabétique des matières et des figures et d'une desk des noms cités) / Henri de Parville

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11. What is the name of the forest which dominates the south western part of the city? 12. And the lake formed by the Havel River is called, what? 13. The Friedrich-Wilhelm University was founded in 1809. Its faculty has include 27 Nobel Prize winners and which famous philosopher? 14. In 1950, which bomb damaged building was razed to the ground to make room for the Marx-Engels Platz? 15. Who was the world famous conductor, resident with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra from 1954 to 1989? ANSWERS 1.

2. What was Oslo’s former name? 3. Who was the founder of Oslo? 4. In what year? 5. In 1624 the city was destroyed. How? 6. It was rebuilt by Christian IV King of Denmark-Norway a little way away from its original site, closer to what fortress? 7. What is the name of the exhibition hall at Skoyen in the west of Oslo? 8. What kind of auctions are they? 9. Where are Oslo’s botanical gardens? 10. Their names, please? 11. Thor Heyerdahl’s famous expedition to the Pacific in 1947 is commemorated by what Oslo building?

14. And which political philosopher lies buried in Highgate Cemetery, in the north of the city? 15. Which play by mystery writer Agatha Christie, the longest-running in the world and now in its 50th year, is still performed nightly at St Martin’s Theatre in London? The Thames. 2. 2,000. The Square Mile. 4. Londinium. The Corporation of the City of London 6. Since before 1200 AD. The Mansion House. The ‘Old Bailey’. 9. Dick Whittington. 10. St Paul’s Cathedral. 11. Six (Arsenal, Charlton, Chelsea, Fulham, Tottenham,West Ham).

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