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The stage series of the chick embryo. Dev. Dyn. 195, 273–275 (1992). 18. Fode, C. et al. The bHLH protein NEUROGENIN 2 is a determination factor for epibranchial placode-derived sensory neurons. Neuron 20, 483–494 (1998). 19. , Ballivet, M. M. NeuroM, a neural helix-loop-helix transcription factor, defines a new transition stage in neurogenesis. Development 124, 3263–3272 (1997). 20. V. et al. An immunohistochemical study of neuropeptides and neuronal cytoskeletal proteins in the neuroepithelial component of a spontaneous murine ovarian teratoma.

Cell 90, 169–180 (1997). 24. Yokota, Y. Id and development. Oncogene 20, 8290–8298 (2001). 25. F. & Goridis, C. The role of Phox2b in synchronizing pan-neuronal and type-specific aspects of neurogenesis. Development 129, 5241–5253 (2002). 26. T. B. A conserved region of engrailed, shared among all en-, gsc-, Nk1-, Nk2- and msh-class homeoproteins, mediates active transcriptional repression in vivo. Development 122, 3141–3150 (1996). com/natureneuroscience ARTICLES 27. J. et al. Mechanisms of viral activators.

Therefore, it is possible that some early Dbx1-derived cells are spared from cell death and thus account for some of the Reelin+ neurons still present in the piriform cortex and in the most rostrodorsal cortex. 5 Dbx1DTA;Nes:Cre embryo sections (Fig. 5i,j,o–r and data not shown). No differences were observed between wild-type mice and mutants in the cortical hem (Fig. 5m,n). In contrast, when Reelin expression was 1008 hi Figure 5 Ablation of Dbx1-derived cells results in loss of Reelin+ cells in different cortical regions and in cortical defects.

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