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Strieder at al. Junghans et al. Davids et al. 0 1 Hass et al. Baby et al. Schumann et al. 2 3 7 Fig. 3. Be(p,γ)8 B S factor [04De55] with two nucleon-nucleon interactions (V2 and MN). The results of Ref. [94De09] are shown as a dashed line. See Ref. [04De55] for references to the data. m. (MeV) As discussed in [94De09], a cluster model provides an upper bound of the capture cross section. ). Accordingly, the capture cross section which, up to the electromagnetic operator, is nothing but the overlap between the initial 7 Be+p and final 8 B wave functions, is in general overestimated by a cluster model.

32 (2006) R217. : Phys. Rev. C 73 (2006) 017302. : Phys. Rev. C 73 (2006) 044308. : Phys. Rev. C 73 (2006) 054315. : Nucl. Phys. A 779 (2006) 1. , : Verhandl. Deutsch. Phys. Gesell. (VI) 42 No 2 (2007) 42. : Phys. Rev. C 75 (2007) 024310. : Verhandl. Deutsch. Phys. Gesell. (VI) 42 No 2 (2007) 41. : Phys. Rev. C 75 (2007) 014303. : Phys. Rev. C 75 (2007) 044313. : Phys. Rev. C 75 (2007) 034301. : Phys. Rev. C 78 (2008) 055802. : Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 60 (2008) 225. : Phys. Rev. C 77 (2008) 064321.

In recent applications, this relative function is expanded over Gaussian functions [77Wi0A, 11De0A], which corresponds to the Generator Coordinate Method (GCM). The wave function (18) is rewritten as π ΨJM α I = π fαJπI (R)ΦJM α I (R) dR, (19) π Jπ where ΦJM α I (R) is a projected Slater determinant, and fα I (R) the generator function, which must be determined. The GCM is equivalent to the RGM, but is better adapted to numerical calculations, as it makes uses of projected Slater determinants (see [77Wi0A, 11De0A] for detail).

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