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By Jens Noergard-Soerensen

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However, Grice emphasizes that the sentence would not be interpreted as false if only the consequence expressed by therefore failed to hold. Thus the word therefore is said to carry an implicature "by convention" (Grice 1975: 45, see also Grice 1968 [1989]: 121). Other samples can be quoted from Karttunen and Peters (1979: 12), who treat propositions implied by even, either, also, only etc. as well as by certain factive and implicative verbs as conventional implicatures: (32) Even Bill likes Mary.

In this case the noncancellability no doubt depends on the fact that the notion of conventional implicature partly covers an assertion (cf. ). If we return to Grice's sample (30) it can easily be shown that an implicature (here 'the garage is open') can be cancelled without making the text contradictory: (40) A: I am out of petrol. B: There is a garage round the corner but unfortunately it is not open. I don't think I can help you. I assume that in the case of implicatures the feature of cancellability can be explained in the following way: As emphasized above, an implicature represents a conclusion, the validity of which depends on certain characteristics of the context/situation.

Knowledge and coherence. 1. ; Gladrow 1972: 647; Krusel'nickaja 1961: 49; Strawson 1964 [1971]: 77) (hence the interlocutors = speaker and hearer irrespective of the character of the text (oral or written) and the actual number of interlocutors). , anaphoric pronouns and the category of definiteness). Therefore the question of the mental status of knowledge is often left to the imagination of the reader. 3. we have briefly considered certain inconsistences in the treatment of knowledge structure in linguistic research.

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