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A terrible envy underlies what happened in Abu Ghraib, an envy that has been working on the psychotic register of the American psyche since 9-11. Islamic fundamentalists have something we lack. They’re willing to die for their religion. Only one response to such an affront is possible. They must be forced to violate their religious beliefs and to do so as part of a perverse ritual. In this regard two images from Abu Ghraib are especially revealing. The man masturbating before his torturers forced while doing so to curse Islam.

Abu Ghraib is both homage to and imitation of the Chief. For the parent text is Bush on the aircraft carrier Lincoln, unable to delay his orgasm any longer, needing to crow “We’re #1” to the world with that smug smile of superiority that is the only thing he learned at Yale. But this too is imitation, the military garb and the phallic posturing a reincarnation of President Bill Pullman in Osama bin Laden’s favorite film, Independence Day. Abu Ghraib mirrors as privilege and pleasure Davis 01 chap01 33 5/1/06 14:00:28 34 The Belly of the Beast the contempt of Bushian unilateralism for the rest of the world, for all conventions, Geneva or otherwise, that would restrain the thrust of Empire.

It will require one kind of religion. Bush and Ashcroft represent its benign— if mindless—face. Gibson gives us its true visage. His significance for an ideological and historical understanding of emotion is considerable, since what his film dramatizes with unexampled clarity is how an ideology operates directly on the psyche to bring about fundamental changes both in the principles of its selfregulation and the actions that will be required to provide that psyche the satisfaction it seeks. As such, Passion is not just an expression of what I term 9-11 syndrome; it’s a blueprint for Abu Ghraib.

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Ck estimates for d on q-convex wedges by Barkatou M.-Y.

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