Joseph Needham's Chemistry and chemical technology Volume 5: Chemistry and PDF

By Joseph Needham

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Half one of many 5th quantity of Joseph Needham's nice firm is written by way of one of many project's collaborators. Professor Tsien Tsuen-Hsuin, operating in ordinary session with Dr Needham, has written the main entire account of each point of paper and printing in China to be released within the West. From an in depth research of the gigantic mass of resource fabric, Professor Tsien brings order and illumination to a space of know-how which has been of profound significance within the unfold of civilisation. the most physique of the booklet is an in depth examine of the discovery, know-how and aesthetic improvement of printing in China. From the expansion and supreme refinements of early woodcut printing to the unfold of printing from movable variety and the improvement of book-binding, Professor Tsien includes the tale ahead to the start of the 19th century whilst 'more published pages existed in chinese language than in all different languages placed together'.

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Before papermaking, there were other ways of turning fibres into a sheet. It could be done by matting and pressing into a felt, by spinning and weaving into a textile, and by soaking and beating into a bark cloth or tapa. The art offelting is one of the oldest methods of making fabrics and earlier than that of weaving and spinning; felt being used for clothing and covering by the inhabitants of northern and middle Asia from very ancient times. e How early felt was used in China is uncertain, but the ChouLi 1 ( - 3rd century or earlier) records that felt (chan 2 ) was made of animal hair by the officials of the Chou court in charge of leather (Chang PhP).

I-g, fig. 1-42; on the same and other nearby sites some 20,000 wooden tablets of the same period were discovered. 32. 32. PAPER AND PRINTING underground vault in Chung-yen 1 village, Fu-feng, Shensi province a (Figs. ra60d; 1064). All these pieces are oflater date but are similar in quality to the Pa-chhiao paper, being made of hempen fibres, yellowish, thick, coarse, and uneven with loops offibre visible on the surface. They provide some evidence of the beginning of the art, especially those discovered in the more precisely dated sites located in the central plain of China.

30-31 a. b Chien Chih Phu, p. I. , See a memorial by Liao Kang (+ I071 to + II43) in Kao Feng Wen Chi (SKCS), ch. I, pp. 15a-qb. ' , Wen Fang Ssu Phu (TSHCC) , p. 53. ( See Chin Su Chien Shua (TSHCC), pp. 127-30. '. See Phing Chih Thieh, also known as Shih Chih Shuo, in MSTS, vol. 6, pp. 305-7. 32. PAPER AND PRINTING 49 westwards and elsewhere. Marco Polo was among the early European visitors to China who witnessed the wide circulation of paper money and the extravagant burning of paper effigies and replicas as offerings to the dead in the empire of Genghis Khan.

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