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By John Donegan, Yury Rakovich

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In the final twenty years, semiconductor quantum dots—small colloidal nanoparticles—have garnered loads of clinical curiosity due to their specified houses. between nanomaterials, CdTe holds targeted technological value because the simply recognized II–VI fabric that may shape traditional p–n junctions. This makes CdTe vitally important for the improvement of novel optoelectronic units corresponding to light-emitting diodes, sun cells, and lasers. additionally, the call for for water-compatible gentle emitters and the most typical organic buffers supply CdTe quantum dots fields a veritable area in biolabeling and bioimaging.

Cadmium Telluride Quantum Dots: Advances and Applications makes a speciality of CdTe quantum dots and addresses their synthesis, meeting, optical homes, and purposes in biology and drugs. It makes for a truly informative interpreting for a person thinking about nanotechnology and also will profit these scientists who're trying to find a complete account at the present nation of quantum dot–related research.

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