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The 1st of 2 volumes (volume 2, subtitled The versatile brain, has no longer but been obvious through SciTech booklet information) comprehensively treating complicated assembler programming ideas for the IBM notebook and compatibles, typically with regards to the 8088 processor.

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Bei der Entwicklung von Computerprogrammen haben sich inzwischen sowohl im Ausbildungsbereich als auch in der Industrie objektorientierte Programmiersprachen durchgesetzt, insbesondere die Programmiersprache Java. Dieses Lehrbuch vermittelt ausführlich und anhand vieler Beispiele alle wichtigen Konzepte der objektorientierten Programmierung mit Java.

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5 • Tcl/Tk (Tkinter, IDLE, pydoc). You want this, so that you can use IDLE to build programs. • Python HTML Help file. This is some reference material that you’ll probably want to have. • Python utility scripts (Tools/). We won’t be making any use of this in this book. In the long run, you’ll want it. • Python test suite (Lib/test/). We won’t make any use of this, either. It won’t hurt anything if you install it. There is an Advanced Options... button that is necessary if you are using a company-supplied computer for which you are not the administrator.

5 2. Physical Lines are defined by the platform; they’ll end in standard ‘n’ or the Windows ASCII ‘CR’ ‘LF’ sequence ( ‘\r\n’ ). 3. Comments start with the ‘#’ character outside a quoted string; comments end at the end of the physical line. These are not part of a statement; they may occur on a line by themselves or at the end of a statement. 4. Coding-Scheme Comments. Special comments that are by VIM or EMACS can be included in the first or second line of a Python file. For example, ‘# -*- coding: latin1 -*-’ 5.

This has the Python Docs menu item, which you can access through the menu or by hitting F1. This will launch Safari to show you the Python documents available on the Internet. The personal firewall notification is a reminder that IDLE uses Internetworking Protocols (IP) as part of its debugger. If you have a software firewall on you development computer, and the firewall software complains, you can allow the connection. IDLE has a simple and relatively standard text editor, which does Python syntax highlighting.

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