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And in heaven the music lasts for ever. Notes 1. Nicholas Arseniev, Russian Piety (London, 1964) p. 90 2. 'On Death', Sobornost 1:2 (1979) p. 8 3. Mystic Treatises by Isaac of Nineveh, tr. A. J. Wensinck (Amsterdam, 1923) p. 309; The Ascetical Homilies of Saint Isaac the Syrian, tr. Dana Miller (Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Boston, 1984) p. 315 (transla tion modified). 4. In what follows, I am indebted to the talk of Fr John Dalrymple, 'Dying before death', given in Edinburgh to the Fellowship of 5t Andres: see The Experience of Death, ed.

17. Miracles: A Preliminary Study (London, 1947) p. 180 18. 4: 2nd edn, London, 1983) p. 23-4. 19. D. J. Enright, The Oxford Book of Death (Oxford, 1983) p. 332. 3 The Christian Heaven DAVID BROWN CONTEMPORARY DOUBTS One recent survey of religious belief in Europe found that while three-quarters of the general population still believe in God less than half could subscribe to a belief in heaven. A similar pattern emerges among regular churchgoers. One poll discovered that in a typical Anglican congregation one would be lucky to scrape a bare majority who still believed in life after death, still fewer prepared to employ the credal affirmation of resurrection of the body.

S. ' All living is a kind of dyiftg: We are dying all the time. But in this daiiy experience of dying, each death is followed by a new birth: all dyil1g is also a kind of living. Life and death are not opposites, mutually exclusive, but they are intertwined. The whole of our human existence is a· mixture of mortality and resurrection: 'dying, and behold we live' (2 Cor 30 Beyond Death 6:9). Our earthly journey is an unceasing passover, a constant crossing over through death into new life. Between our initial birth and our eventual death, the whole course of our existence is made up of·a series of lesser deaths and births.

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