Download e-book for iPad: Beginning PHP5, Apache, MySQL web development by Michael Glass; et al

By Michael Glass; et al

ISBN-10: 0764579665

ISBN-13: 9780764579660

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But to the human eye, how well your code is organized can really make a difference. Take a look at the following examples. > You can see that although Example 2 involves more typing, it will be much easier to spot any missing syntax or locate a specific portion of the code for troubleshooting purposes. This is especially important when you are just starting out. When you become more experienced as a coder, you can condense the code as in Example 1. 31 Chapter 2 What Makes a Great Program? Truly professional code follows three general guidelines: ❑ Consistency: Blocks of well-written code always look the same and have the same indents and ways of coding, such as syntax shortcuts that use bracket placement and formatting styles consistently throughout the program.

Id=12345 This is an example of passing variable values through the URL. php program. The text after the URL is called the query string. id=12345&lang=en This asks to retrieve the file with an ID of “12345” and the language presumably equal to “en,” for English. There are a few disadvantages to passing variables through a URL: ❑ Everyone can see the values of the variables, so passing sensitive information isn’t really very secure using this method. ❑ The user can change the variable value in the URL, leaving your site potentially open to showing something you’d rather not show.

Cnf file will suffice, so save it to your root c:\ directory so it can be accessed by the MySQL server. cnf so the server can find it. cnf file looks like this: # # # # # Example mysql config file. cnf to set global options One can use all long options that the program supports. com), the options a beginner will be most concerned with follow. cnf file under the appropriate section. csv file directly into your MySQL database. While this option can be very helpful if you are running your own Web site, or if you are the only one accessing the MySQL configurations, many third-party hosts have this set to 0 to block their MySQL hosts from accessing this command, primarily for security reasons.

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