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By Shakti Gawain

ISBN-10: 1577317157

ISBN-13: 9781577317159

Begin on a daily basis with a gradual nudge towards larger information. this gorgeous re-creation of Awakening will advisor you into nearer alignment with the religious ideas that govern all of existence. The 365 entries are prepared round the calendar 12 months and the seasons. each one short access stocks a little bit Shakti's transparent and easy knowledge and provides a meditation or query to think of. Thought-provoking, inspiring, and regularly asserting, those common truths may help you know and free up outdated styles in addition to open you to new methods of being — bodily, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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The learning process is easier if we can say to ourselves, “Life is giving me a gift right now. It’s teaching me something about myself, something that I really want to learn. Look how much I’ve learned already. Look how far I’ve come. ” Sometimes, these experiences feel painful, but when we receive the healing in them, we can recognize and feel thankful for the gifts they bring. What gifts am I receiving from the universe today? What do I need to learn? January 29 Look for the humor in life T he universe has a good sense of humor, if you’re willing to observe it.

January 20 Perfection is in process H uman life by its very nature is filled with vulnerabilities, trial and error, and learning. Expecting ourselves to behave in some perfect way or to attain perfect results is not realistic. We need to shift the focus from trying to attain perfect results or to live up to perfect standards to recognizing the innate perfection in the process or in the journey. The life force has an incredible perfection about it. As we’re learning to recognize and follow the life force, we will see the perfection of the process, how everything we need to learn is brought to us in some amazing way that we could never have figured out or understood.

I am opening to experiencing new energies, opposite from those most comfortable to me. February 8 Life guides us toward our opposite M ost of us are very good at accepting and expressing one side of a polarity and not so good at accepting and expressing the other side of it. Or we may stay in the safe middle ground, but be afraid to express either extreme. If we’re identified with one polarity, life always pushes us toward its opposite. If we’re comfortable in the middle, it may push us in both directions or it will guide us in one direction and then in another.

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