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FEEE.... " (a nebulous word for a nebulous placability or logic or desire shape somewhere between absence and presence, between "fort" and "da"); and how years later I told my lover this of their own (resistant to story, and how years later still she remembered that she had being changed or to being been there with me and that we had seen the child together. discretely articulated), or a There was a lot of intermittent background static in the certain curious ambiguity phone connection. After a while it seemed to get louder and its rhythms became discernible as those of a phone or elusiveness, and not just conversation, although it remained only almost (but not to our reason or will or dequite) intelligible.

Celeste Olalquiaga associates the priority of intertextuality with a postmodern valorization of simulation: "Simulation will be understood here as the establishment of a situation through intertextuality instead of indexicality. In other words, rather than pointing to first-degree references (objects, events) simulation looks at representations of them for verisimilitude"(1992, 6). This account of postmodernization via simulation bears a suspicious resemblance to the inaugural modernist movement of structuralism (which studies language as a system unto itself rather than by reference to things outside it), or, as I argue later in this book, the advent of Romantic disciplinarity itself, insofar as it emerges as an always-alreadyinterdisciplinary collusion that produces truth-effects by cross-reference.

Far from separating inside from outside, a disciplinary landscape ensures that nobody can ever be simply inside or outside a prison or an asylum: how could we ever be simply inside or outside what is everywhere among us? , of a "carceral" society) insofar as it is also a different kind of structure than others in which discipline operates, since metaphor demands a similarity between different realms: "love is a rose" is a metaphor, while "a rose is a rose" is not (at least, not immediately). 3 found all over the place, for instance in Romantic poems.

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