Jacques Derrida's Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression (Religion and PDF

By Jacques Derrida

ISBN-10: 0226143678

ISBN-13: 9780226143675

In Archive Fever, Jacques Derrida deftly courses us via a longer meditation on remembrance, faith, time, and technology—fruitfully occasioned by means of a deconstructive research of the concept of archiving. Intrigued by means of the evocative courting among applied sciences of inscription and psychic approaches, Derrida bargains for the 1st time a huge assertion at the pervasive effect of digital media, really electronic mail, which threaten to rework the total private and non-private area of humanity. Plying this wealthy fabric with attribute virtuosity, Derrida constructs a synergistic studying of records and archiving, either provocative and compelling.

"Judaic mythos, Freudian psychoanalysis, and e mail all get fused into one other staggeringly dense, really good slab of scholarship and suggestion."—The Guardian

"[Derrida] convincingly argues that, even supposing the archive is a public entity, it however is the repository of the non-public and private, together with even intimate details."—Choice

"Beautifully written and clear."—Jeremy Barris, Philosophy in Review

"Translator Prenowitz has controlled valiantly to deliver into English a tricky yet inspiring textual content that is dependent upon Greek, German, and their translations into French."—Library Journal

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