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By Gavin Stamp

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Seeing that 2004 Gavin Stamp, considered one of Britain's most outstanding and readable architectural historians, has written a per 30 days column for Apollo, the esteemed structure and effective artwork journal. the topic is just no matter what in layout or structure occurs to take his fancy. it'd be the sumptuous reopening of the brilliant Midland Grand resort at St Pancras Station, or the dilapidation of a little-known church in Eastbourne, the much-lamented death of the unique Routemaster bus, or the huge majesty of the airship sheds that housed the R.101.

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O n e depiction of such a tool is found with the caption " t w o - m a n s a w " in the Thirty-Two Round Poem Competition on Trades (San- jimiban shokunin utaawase), shown here in figure 40. The poem accompanying it uses the word nokogiri for " s a w , " and the same word is used today. *& IF^' h" p P i ! Pi illtjj. i s SPC jfzc, j j L - ^ g i 41. View from Middle Sanctuary toward Sanctum Sanctorum, Main Hall, Zenkoji The Popularization of Architecture After a century of civil war that racked the entire country, Japan was reunited in the late sixteenth century by three great generals—Oda Nobunaga (1534-82), Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536/7-98), and Tokugawa Ieyasu (1542-1616).

T h e facade of the Main Hall is massive in appearance, but like the Jizodo of Shofukuji (see fig. 16), what looks to be a two-story design is actually one story plus a huge subsidiary area with a pent roof (fig. 42). T h e Main Hall was constructed on a grand scale to inspire the thousands of pilgrims who made the trip to pray for health, domestic tranquility, com- mercial prosperity, and other down-to-earth concerns. In a word, Zenkoji was built as a popular attraction, and it suits its purpose perfectly (fig.

66-69). First appearing in about the twelfth century, the frog-leg strut became progressively more decorative, incorporating intricate carvings of flora and fauna. In the Edo period in particular the strut often nearly disappeared beneath coiling dragons or other sumptuous ornamentation. There are two basic types of frog-leg struts, the " o p e n " (hon kaerumata or sukashi kaerumata), where the space between the legs is either empty or filled to varying degrees with carving (figs. 66-68), and the " c l o s e d " (ita kaerumata), a solid piece bearing only the characteristic frog-leg outline (fig.

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