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Simmons returned al-Iftal's stare and then left. Chu, holding the door, looked at Wilder, who shook his head. ” He did. Al-Iftal's smile dimmed a bit. “Mr. ” “Why? ” Wilder shook his head. “No, Mr. ” “A world in which all people—and all faiths—can enjoy the benefits of peace and prosperity in mutual toleration. ” Al-Iftal's smile broadened. ” It was Wilder's turn to smile. “As though your New Ummah isn't ready to use each and every one of those weapons and others—as certain of your forerunners proved, first at the Twin Towers, and then on the Peace Bridge in Buffalo.

Halfway through my gastronomic survey, I was improvising paeans to diversity. No one even tried to match drinks with the birthday boy, but we all got pretty damn mellow. What came next seemed like a profound idea at the time: very multicultural sociology. I remember plopping myself down in front of a computer, and the gales of laughter as I almost toppled off the chair. I remember guffaws at my typos and boisterous negotiations over wording. After a ceremonious clinking, but rather more like clanking, of cheap glassware, I recall clicking SEND to dispatch our masterpiece.

The picture flickered, became a moiré of blues and greens, the windows transforming into vague polygonal orange masses. Less spectacular— but infinitely more important—was the faint pink haze that emanated from the bathroom and led deeper into the suite, where it disappeared around a corner. Wilder pointed to the slowly dimming haze. ” “Yup. That's our boy. Left the john about thirty seconds ago, I'd guess. ” Chu peered over Kinelea's shoulder. ” Kinelea's response was half-grunt. ” Kinelea removed the probe from under the door, turned and stared at Chu.

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Analog Science Fiction and Fact, June 2003 (Volume CXXIII, No. 6) by Stanley Schmidt: Editor

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