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It is relatively easy to create a vacuum of 20 inches of mercury (negative 10 psi), almost two-thirds of a perfect vacuum. A large monolithic VPL, for example 12 inches square, can create over 800 pounds of preload force and a stiffness of well over 2 million pounds per inch, with only a single pound of payload. The advantage of vacuum preloading is that it creates a preloading force on the bearings without adding mass. This technique is used to advantage when high acceleration stages need fast settling times.

Using gauge blocks between the shafts tighten the end mounts to the base: this will establish parallelism of the shafts. Tighten the end mounts on the shafts and recheck parallelism of the shafts. It may be necessary to loosen and retighten the End mounts to the base. Figure 22 - Using Gage Blocks to establish parallelism With air pressure applied align and bolt the top plate to the pillow blocks. Check to be sure that the stage floats freely over its entire travel. The ‘O’ rings should provide enough compliance to compensate for parallelism errors in the shafts or out of flatness of the top plate.

DIRT QUALITY WATER OIL CLASS (Particle size in micron) Pressure Dew point > F (ppm. 6 (1240) 25 6 - +50 (1500) - (including vapor mg/m3) Please note that different types of air bearings are sensitive to different types of contamination. For example porous bearings are not sensitive to particulates like bits of Teflon tape, sealant or liners shedding from the inside of fatiguing air tubes. In fact you could porous sand directly into a porous bearing airport with no derogatory effects. This would be catastrophic for an orifice or step compensated bearing.

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