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By Y. Furukawa, K. Nakajima, K. Sato

ISBN-10: 0444507477

ISBN-13: 9780444507471

The purpose of this ebook is to supply a well timed assortment that highlights advances in present learn of crystal development starting from basic features to present functions related to a variety of fabrics. This e-book is released at the foundation of lecture texts of the eleventh foreign summer time tuition on Crystal development (ISSCG-11) to be held at Doshisha Retreat heart in Shiga Prefecture Japan, on July 24-29, 2001. this college is often linked to the overseas convention of Crystal progress (ICCG) sequence which have been held each 3 years considering 1973; therefore this college maintains the culture of the earlier 10 colleges of crystal progress.

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To treat an inhomogeneous system, we define a Helmholtz free energy per unit volume / ( T , 6, ^,p)=p (113) (n/p) fN{p, T, X, if). Since the factor n/p is not a constant, / takes the form^^ / = (l-a))/A+a;/B + pRT\ + •(1-u;) rriA {l-u)X 2 rriA (jj ln(l-X) + InX rriB {1-X)uj (114) TUB where JA := pF^/rriA and / ^ := pF^/rriB are free energy densities corresponding to the reference states. In obtaining Eq. (114) from Eq. (110), we have used the relations {n/p){l — X) = {1 — ij)/mA and {n/p)X = cj/mB- Note that Eq.

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