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Complex .NET Remoting is the 1st ebook out there that provides in-depth assurance of the .NET Remoting Framework. The booklet is split into sections&emdash;the first detailing the specifics of the framework and its features in real-world functions. subject matters comprise formatters, channels, lifetime matters, safeguard, configuration records, and the fundamentals of server-activated gadgets as opposed to client-activated items. additionally coated intimately are home windows providers, IIS, and server-side internet hosting of remotable elements in console applications.
The moment a part of the booklet offers an unparalleled view of .NET Remoting internals. writer Ingo Rammer indicates how the framework makes use of message sinks and sink services, and offers in-depth guide on how one can enforce message and channel sinks. those chapters additionally provide perception into the synchronous and asynchronous message processing in the framework.
Going some distance past the data you will assemble from Microsoft's documentation, Rammer explains how .NET Remoting relatively works, and the way it may be prolonged. The ebook additionally contains a bankruptcy at the improvement technique and resource code for numerous real-world message sinks, and indicates you ways to improve a customized Remoting delivery channel from scratch. It concludes with distinctive insurance of the ContextBoundObject classification and .NET contexts, crucial for utilizing the know-how inside of person, client-only functions.

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The reason for this is that normally a client that has been closed unexpectedly or went offline due to a network outage might not have decremented the server-side reference counter. Without some additional measure, these serverside objects would in turn use the server's resources forever. Unfortunately, when your client is behind an HTTP proxy and is accessing your objects using SOAP remoting, the server will not be able to contact the client in any way. This constraint leads to a new kind of lifetime service: the lease-based object lifetime.

The only difference is that MyRemoteObject is no direct child of MarshalByRefObject, but instead is a descendant of BaseRemoteObject, defined in the shared assembly. This object, implemented as a Singleton, is shown in Listing 3-20. Singleton); // the server will keep running until keypress. ReadLine(); } } } 52 Chapter 3: Remoting in Action Chapter 3: Remoting in Action 53 Implementing the Second Server The second server works differently from those in prior examples. It provides a SingleCall object that accepts a BaseRemoteObject as a parameter.

On the client side these ObjRefs are encapsulated by a proxy object (actually, by two proxies, but you also get the chance to read more on those in Chapter 7). After creating two references to client-activated objects on a remote server, for example, the client will hold two TransparentProxy objects. These objects will both contain an ObjRef object, which will in turn point to one of the two distinct CAOs. This is shown in Figure 3-23. Figure 3-23: ObjRefs are pointing to server-side objects.

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