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By Trey Nash

ISBN-10: 1590597176

ISBN-13: 9781590597170

sped up C# 2005 teaches you either the best way to use center C# language recommendations and properly hire C# idioms and object-oriented layout patternsto take advantage of the facility of C# and the typical language runtime. You’ll speedy grasp C# syntax whereas studying how the CLR simplifies many programming initiatives. You’ll additionally study top practices that determine your code might be effective, reusable, and robust.

This e-book is the quickest route to C# mastery for someone conversant in object-oriented programming. Many books introduce C#, yet only a few additionally clarify tips to use it optimally with the .NET CLR. Why spend months or years gaining knowledge of the simplest how one can layout and code C#, whilst this booklet will enable you to do issues the precise method, correct from the start?

Table of Contents

  1. C#Preview
  2. C# and the CLR
  3. C# Syntax Overview
  4. Classes, Structs, and Objects
  5. Interfaces and Contracts
  6. Overloading Operators
  7. Exception dealing with and Exception Safety
  8. Working with Strings
  9. Arrays, assortment kinds, and Iterators
  10. Delegates, nameless features, and Events
  11. Generics
  12. Threading in C#
  13. In seek of C# Canonical Forms

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The IL specification is contained in the CLI standard. 1 ILDASM shows you a tree view of the type data from the assembly, and you can open up individual methods and see the IL code that the C# compiler generated for them. As shown in Listing 2-1, IL 1. 0\Bin\. You can launch it easily by invoking it after opening an instance of the Visual Studio 2005 command prompt. qxd 8 8/4/06 9:35 AM Page 8 CHAPTER 2 ■ C# AND THE CLR looks similar to assembly language; in essence, it’s the assembly language of the CLR.

Cpp file. Also, metadata (generated transparently by the C# compiler) removes the need for the forward declarations and inclusions as required in C++. In fact, forward declarations don’t even exist in C#. Both Java and C++ programmers will find the static Main method familiar, except for the fact that its name begins with a capital letter. Every program requires an entry point, and in the case of C#, it is the static Main method. C++ programmers will notice some further differences. For example, the Main method is declared inside of a class (in this case, named EntryPoint).

In the managed world, you no longer have to carry around any extra baggage in the form of header files or IDL files. I won’t go so far as to say you don’t have to provide any documentation, because documentation is always useful. But with an assembly, you have a nicely packaged entity that contains both the code and the descriptions needed to use its contents. If your assembly consists of a single file, as most do, that one file contains everything needed to consume the code in the assembly. Cross-Language Compatibility Because assemblies are self-describing and contain portable IL code, assemblies are easily shared across multiple languages.

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