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The De Re MetalUca is illustrated with quaint woodcuts, said to have been drawn by Basilius Wefring (or Wehring) of Joachimsthal;^ some are signed R M D , perhaps Rudolph Manuel Deutsch. * Singer* said the text and figures were, ‘I am sure, by more than one hand, and the latter part is inferior to the former’, but this is improbable. A r e o l a knew less about the subject of the last part and copied more from Biringuccio without understanding him. Agricola mentions a large number of minerals, many for the first time,^®and describes and illustrates numerous mining and metallurgical processes, many of which are still in use.

L ib IV . D e Natura Fossilium. L ib . X . D e Veteribus & N ovis M etallis. L ib . II. Bei^mannus sive de Re Metallica, D ialogm . L ib . I. C im i In d id b u s diversis, quicquid in Optre tractatum est, pulchr^ demonstrantibus. Basilese, Sum ptibus & T y p is Emanuelis Kdnig.. A lino M . D C . L V I I . , xlvi 11. (i blank); poor pajie r, usually browned). It IS dedicated to the Elector Maurice and the 1657 edition has a short preface on the composition of metals by Cornelius Martini (1567-1621), professor of Lo^iic in Antwerp, a Lutheran who studied in Germany.

I II T e rzo Trattasi Bellisimi secreti / di tinger Pelle in varij & diversi colon, 8c il inodo di Conzar / Corami da Scarpe: £ t in perfete C on ze opera v t - / tilissima a chi diltai arte si dileta. / C on Privilegio. / In Venetia. M . D C . X I . cchi. Sm . , i 1. 23. , conune ils se pratique k Venise, GSnes, Florence, et dans le Levant, et la mani^re de passer en chamois toute sorte de peaux: traduite de I’ ltalien, Paris, 1716. * It describes the ^stillation of aqua fortis (nitric acid) from saltpetre and Roman vitriol (Recipe salnitro, vitriol Romano & lambica),* also a water to dye in all colours (a fare acqua per tenger in ogni colore.

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