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By R. K. Pandey

ISBN-10: 9711041685

ISBN-13: 9789711041687

Publication by way of Pandey, R. okay.

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27 Factors affecting seedling growth — light intensity • 28 Bright sunlight helps seedlings grow vigorously. Lack of light makes seedlings pale and weak-stemmed. Factors affecting seedling growth — nutrients • To grow fast, seedlings need readily available nutrients. In poor soils, fertilizer may be needed at planting to start rapid growth. 29 Factors affecting seedling growth — plant density • • 30 Seedlings growing too close together grow too tall and lodge easily. Seedlings growing too far apart allow too much weed growth.

Number of days to first flower depends on soybean variety, daylength, and temperature. 41 Flowering • • 42 By full bloom stage the plant has accumulated 25 to 30 percent of its total dry weight. From now on dry weight increases rapidly. Nitrogen fixing is also very rapid at this stage. Flowering pattern — determinate varieties • The flowering pattern of the soybean plant depends on the • variety. Determinate varieties begin flowering when most of the nodes on the main stem have developed. Flowering starts at the upper nodes and progresses downwards and upwards from there.

They support the shoot and its parts. In soybean, the roots also fix nitrogen. 55 Root development • Roots develop much faster than the shoot. • The side roots spread horizontally close to the soil surface for several weeks early in the season. • As the soil moisture dries out, roots grow deep into the soil to absorb water and nutrients. 56 Root distribution • Soybean roots can spread 30 to 40 cm sideways and grow 100 to 120 cm downwards.

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