A Dictionary of Ancient Near Eastern Mythology by Gwendolyn Leick PDF

By Gwendolyn Leick

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The Dictionary of historic close to jap Mythology covers resources from Mesopotamia, Syro-Palestine and Anatolia, from round 2800 to three hundred BC. It comprises entries on gods and goddesses, giving facts in their worship in temples, describing their 'character', as documented by means of the texts, and defining their roles in the physique of mythological narratives; synoptic entries on myths, giving where of beginning of major texts and a short background in their transmission in the course of the a long time; and entries explaining using professional terminology, for things like different types of Sumerian texts or kinds of mythological figures.

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When Mot discovers that he has eaten his own kin, he returns to Zaphon and they begin to fight in earnest, bitterly, but neither can defeat the other. Šapaš finally intervenes and warns Mot that El will take away his kingship over the underworld if he continues to fight Baal. Mot retreats. [gap] The final passages of the text contain a hymnlike conclusion, entrusting Baal with ‘eternal kingship’, inviting the other gods and Šapaš to partake of a feast. The sun-goddess is asked to rule over the spirits of the dead with Kothar-and Hasis’ assistance.

The following synopsis follows the recent translation by de Moor (1987). 101, 1, 3). Baal is surrounded by his daughters Pidray, ‘the girl of the honey-dew’, and Tallay, ‘the girl of the mist’, while a minstrel sings to the sound of cymbals. [gap of some 40 lines] Then follows a section that is also known as THE PALACE OF BAAL. It begins with the description of the goddess Anat, who adorns and scents herself before she goes down into the valleys to fight ‘between two cities’, where she smites the people of the seashore.

Geštinanna explains that the destruction will be performed by the demons and that it will concern Dumuzi himself. She advises her frightened brother to hide among some plants and promises not to betray his hiding place. The demons arrive to attack Dumuzi and only find Geštinanna. They seize her and although they offer her a ‘river full of water and a field full of grain’, she refuses to lead them to Dumuzi. The demons then go to his friend (a shepherd) and succeed in bribing him to betray Dumuzi.

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