Robert J. Meyers, William R. Miller's A Community Reinforcement Approach to Addiction Treatment PDF

By Robert J. Meyers, William R. Miller

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Typically we refer to the client’s triggers on the functional analysis, and then help to identify behaviors that compete with drinking in those high-risk situations. Problem-solving training is often introduced at this point as well. Finally, sessions are scheduled several times per week during this stage in therapy, so that the client has the opportunity to quickly learn the skills needed to honor the sobriety commitment. Assuming a client reaches the negotiated sobriety goal, we discuss the advantages of sampling sobriety for an additional limited period.

1. What are you usually thinking about right before you (activity)? 1. What is the nondrinking activity? Short-term consequenc 1. What do you dislike about (activity) with (who)? 2. Where do you usually (activity)? •Wr&faM. 2. What are you usually 2. How often do you feeling physically right engage init? before you (activity)? ^W*w,irt*w)f. 2. What do you dislike about (activity) (where) "%&«, 3. When do you usually (activity)? 3. What are you usually feeling emotionally right before you 3. What do you dislike about (activity) (when)?

CRA Functional Analysis for Drinking Behavior (Initial Assessment) 1. Who are you usually with when you drink? I. Where do you usually drink? i. When do you usually drink? 5*Am&? *$&. 1. What are you usually thinking about right before you drink? 1. What do you usually drink? Sro. Short-term positive consequences Long-tern consequei 1. What do you like about drinking with (who)? 1. What are the negative results of your drinking in Tfcf eknts •$ 'IK a. Interpersonal fa/mif. 2. What are you usually 2.

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